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NSRA has developed the Bull Meadow range complex on 1,900 acres of land located 25.6 km. up the Beaver Bank Road (Route 354) from Lower Sackville, NS. This range complex comprises the following 4 ranges, all built to the Federal Government's Range Design and Construction standards, catering to a wide variety of handgun, rifle and shotgun disciplines.


All ranges at Bull Meadow are available for scheduled section or program activities. Experienced and qualified NSRA Members can book these ranges for shooting outside the scope of scheduled programs or activities if they meet certain conditions to have range booking and key privileges


100 Meters to 800 Meters

7 Shooting Lanes, Centrefire and Rimfire Rifle

Firing points at 100m intervals from 100 m to 800 m, reinforced concrete target gallery, steel cantilever type target carriers mounted on concrete piers and footings
The orientation of range is at true bearing 18° 41' east of north, so that the sun is always positioned behind shooters throughout the day and the year


Up to 50 Meters

20 Shooting Positions, Handgun and Rifle

20 targets wide with covered firing points at 50 m firing line, topography is such that the range has high earthen berms along both sides, same orientation as "A" Range.

B range 1.jpg


25 Meters and 100 Meters

10 Shooting Positions, Handgun and Rifle

Firing mound at 100 m with covered firing points and shooting benches, 10 targets wide (with room for lateral expansion), orientation is north-east avoiding sun in the eyes


Up to 50 Meters

3 Shooting Positions, Shotgun

Designed for informal shotgun shooting at skeet clay targets, mechanical target traps (launchers) mounted on ground surface

C range 2.jpg
D Range.jpg


All the active firing areas and the safety zone areas are entirely within the site boundaries. In addition:

  • orientation of the ranges is to the North/Northeast

  • range site is located within reasonable driving distance from major urban centers

  • range complex entrance is from a paved highway

  • well maintained gravel road provides easy access to all the ranges

All 4 ranges of the Bull Meadow Range Complex have been designed and built in accordance with the Canadian Range Design and Construction Guidelines (1999). The ranges are routinely inspected by personnel of the N.S. Dept. of Justice Firearms Office and are approved by the Provincial Firearms Officer.

Both electronic and manual marked targets are used on "A" Range for competitions and practices. This system has proven workable at all ranges back to 800 m, and is currently being explored as a means to enable 900 m shooting without having to build a second target marker gallery.

For a higher resolution image of the safety template, click here.

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