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If you are interested in joining the Nova Scotia Rifle Association, we invite you to come out to two events and try them before joining. Please see Sections for a description of each program offered by NSRA, and the Contact section to get in touch with the appropriate Section Chair to arrange your visit.

In order to join the NSRA you must have a Firearms Possession License or a Firearms Acquisition and Possession License, or be sponsored by an NSRA member.

Once you decide you want to join, fill out a membership form in the link below and return per the instructions on the form.


  • Several shooting programs run year around, with an NSRA membership you can participate and compete in any or all the programs. Some  programs are competitive, some are recreational.

  • A newsletter is produced and distributed to all members twice a year to keep the membership informed of upcoming events and past results.

  • Each member is covered by third party liability insurance up to $5,000,000.

  • Members have access to NSRA ranges through the NSRA programs.

  • Eligibility to compete in NSRA competitions.

  • Courses are periodically given in basic and advanced marksmanship skills and Range Safety Officer training.


Note: Membership does not guarantee range booking privileges or a key to Bull Meadow ranges.



There are two classes of memberships, Junior and Senior. Junior memberships are for those 18 years of age and under.  Senior memberships are for those 19 years of age and over.

SENIOR - $350

0 to 4 years membership

SENIOR - $120

After 4 years membership

SENIOR - $120

Full time student

JUNIOR - $20

18 years and younger

During the first 4 years of membership, Senior members are charged an Equity Surcharge which is no longer applicable after the 4th year. If you are an individual whose spouse or partner has a Senior membership, a Spousal Exemption waives the new member Equity Surcharge component of a new membership.

If you are 19 years of age or over and a full-time student at a recognized educational institution, you may be eligible for a student deferral of the Equity Surcharge while you are a full-time student.



All ranges at the Bull Meadow Range Complex are available for scheduled Section or program activities in which Members can participate.

Experienced and qualified NSRA Members can book these ranges for shooting outside the scope of scheduled programs or activities if they are qualified as a Range Safety Officer or have taken the Bull Meadow Range Usage course and have been approved by the Board of Directors.


Applications for booking privledges and a Bull Meadow key will not normally be considered if the individual has been a Member for less than one year.


Prior to applying to the Board of Directors for booking privileges, a Member must have actively participated in organized Section activities and programs throughout a season.  The Member must demonstrate habits of safe firearms usage, and knowledge of and responsibility for proper range procedures.  Contact your Section Chairman for a Bull Meadow Key Application form once you are eligible, have gained experience on the ranges and have proven yourself to him or her.


Members who have passed the NSRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) course do not have to apply to the Board for a key.  Generally RSOs are Members for several years before they are recommended by their Section Chairperson to take the RSO course.

Range Key Policy
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