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3 Meters to 100 Meters

The Handgun Section program offers a variety of scheduled shooting activities year round, ranging from 3m to 100m.

Practice sessions run 3 to 4 hours in length. They are held on weekdays, usually from 4pm – dusk, or on Saturdays and Sundays, usually from 1pm-4PM. These are held mostly on our B Range, which is 50m in length. Practice sessions are a good opportunity for experienced shooters to practice their skills, try out new equipment, and prepare for upcoming matches. These are also well-suited for new shooters to try handgun shooting. The Association has handguns and ammunition available for new people to use. Instruction on firearm safety, range safety, and basic marksmanship skills, will be provided. All the targets and stands are provided, as well. 

Members may bring their own firearms, subject to range rules. Revolvers, pistols, and bolt action handguns are used at the range. Those who have not taken the Restricted Firearms course may use the Association’s handguns until they are able to acquire their own. Shooting can be done one or two-handed, and from various positions, including, standing, sitting, kneeling, prone, or standing using a barricade. Holsters may be used for most of the events, but are not mandatory. All shooters are required to wear hearing and eye protection. A limited supply are available for use. 

The Handgun Section hold several matches throughout the season. Some are open only to Association members and others are open to non-members. Some of the matches are Olympic Style matches, shot one handed at distances of 25m to 50m. Some of these are shot with .22 caliber handguns and some are shot with a center fire handgun. We also hold a police style, PPC match, shot from 3m to 50m. This is usually shot with a centerfire pistol or revolver. We also hold a Fun Match, which uses any gun you wish and no scores are kept. To see more details of the matches, please see the link to Match Descriptions.

A basic Handgun Course is offered each year. It is designed to cover many basic handgun skills. We hold it at the range so that we can proceed to practice with live fire. This is a great opportunity for newer shooters to ask more questions and to try out various skills learned earlier in the day. More experienced shooters like to come and share their knowledge with newer members.

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9mm casings


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