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300 Meters to 800 Meters

The Target Rifle and F-class season runs from late April until mid-October, each year.  Practices are held as noted in the Events page, usually some Wednesday evenings and Saturdays or Sundays.  NSRA has a number of matches each season.  As shooters gain experience, they may also attend matches in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, or the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association national matches, usually held in Ottawa every August.

NSRA's centre-fire (fullbore) target rifle program involves firing centrefire rifles from the prone position at targets which are between 300 and 800 meters distant. The shots are fired one at a time and each shot is individually scored.

The targets have a circular aiming mark with inscribed scoring rings. The "bulls-eye" measures 1.8 minutes of angle at 300 meters. NSRA uses electronic targets for scoring. Shooters and scorekeepers use a tablet or smartphone to view each shot's value and location on the target.

For both TR and F-class, shooting involves stationary, circular targets of varying sizes, depending on the distance being fired.  Each individual shot is scored a value from one to 5.  The centre of the bullseye is known as a V-bull and also scores 5 points.  The number of v-bulls is used to break tie scores.  F-class scoring rings are smaller than TR since TR sights have limited magnification compared to a rifle scope.

This is a very challenging sport which stresses marksmanship skills, mental conditioning and the ability to interpret wind and light conditions. This style of shooting can lead a competitor to Bisley England for the NRA (UK) championships, to the Commonwealth Games or to the world long range championships which are also known as the Palma Matches, for target rifle, or the world F-class championships for F-class disciplines.


NSRA hosts numerous Target Rifle matches conducted at the Bull Meadow range over the course of the summer. These matches are held mostly on weekends.



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